Considering North Georgia Real Estate?

North Georgia real estate is some of the most beautiful property in the world you can buy with heart pounding vistas and gorgeous sunsets that rival any geographical area in the world. The landscape makes the match, as everything from raw land, mountain cabins and everything in between.

Most of the area that would be considered is only a couple of hours north of Atlanta, and any area in that vicinity is perfect for a summer home, to get away from the hot and humid city in July and August, or simply to move there and still have a reasonable commute.

There are all kinds of different properties just begging to be sold, such as hunting and fishing lands, waterfront property, lush timber lands, ranches and farms, many homesites and more.

How about these descriptions – If you are looking for land, take advantage of 25 acres in Camden County for only $72,000. This property is only 30 minutes from the Jacksonville International Airport. What a place for your own private estate, or just make the place your own private horse farm.

Try this lake location where the waters meet the mountains. This property is up for a bank liquidation, in a pre-sale mode, not an auction. The price – $9,900.

And the listings go on and on. You are going to find prices all over the place, from high to low, and that simply tells you that if you shop carefully and you want prime wooded mountain land with an occasional lake thrown in here and there, you are going to find some bargains and buy great houses.

Some people bought land, and with the change in the economy, their dreams turned to dust, and now they are stuck with land that they will never use, as they are unable to develop it.

North Georgia real estate is available, and it is avail at bargain prices. Even though the area is dotted with wonderful wooded and forested lands, there are farms and little towns in the valleys. The many lakes offer recreational lifestyles that rival most anywhere else that you can think of.

Even though the area is becoming more and more popular, you can still find some really great bargains if you do your homework.

Many people who live and work in the metro area of Atlanta buy some land in North Georgia and build a summer cabin, as in the mountains the temperatures can be 10 to 15 degrees cooler, than down in hot and humid Atlanta.

The North Georgia hills, mountains and lakes are a perfect getaway for anyone who has spent the week toiling away, and a weekend at the cabin up in the mountains is the perfect antidote. What the Cherokee Indians use to call the Enchanted Land has turned into just that, as the fun and laid back lifestyle permeates the living conditions of most residents in the area. Whether your passion is fishing, hiking, swimming, boating or just sittin’ around, North Georgia is sure to be your favorite spot in the world.